I needed cleaning services just before the holidays. Synergy graciously made accommodations to clean my home on short notice. They did a fabulous job and have continued to exceed my expectations with their cleaning services. I have recommended them to friends who also have been just as satisfied! Synergy Cleaning Solutions puts a smile on my face as there is nothing like a clean home!
Since I have hired their services I come home to a nice clean house I would highly recommend them. They don´t leave any dust bunny unturned
They are super reliable and listen to what I need. I also trust them in my home, wich is tough to find. Even my dog love them!
Heidy and her team always go above n beyond, I not only come home to a spotless house, but many times she will have realized I´ve had a tough week and will fold some laundry or clean my dogs bowls…. I love her little surprises and she´s great with my three dogs as well…. I would highly recommended their  services to anyone
I appreciate the excellent services. The responsiveness in addressing any request that I had made I am 100% satisfied with the services even the rates are comparatively cheap
A natural fear of many people is an interupption of ones privacy. For others to see beyond the safety of our front door.

I have often wondered or rather feared what a stranger might think of the dust behind my shelves and the crumbs beneath my toaster. The selection of a cleaning service can be stressful. From who we choose to browse our homes to the even greater risk of entrusting our dwelling and belongings to be cleaned by. But sometimes we are so lucky to come across a person so real and genuine that you practically ask them to move in. This is how I felt when I met you Heidy. You made me feel like I could not only trust you, but that I had know you forever.

You make my apartment smell so nice. And the little things you do make me smile and make coming home after you´ve cleaned SO PERFECT!  Thank you.
Synergy was recommended by a neighbor. This is a friendly, professional, efficient company. It´s been a pleasure to leave all my cleaning to Synergy and have never been disappointed. I will recommend Synergy to my neighbors!
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